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Etching your creative dreams into reality, engraved is a family-owned laser-engraving company founded in 2000 by James Kolbrek in Sioux Falls, SD.  Although initially specializing in custom-designed laser-engraved frames, the business has expanded its products to include coasters, magnets, key chains, ornaments, cutting boards, and so much more!  From birth announcements and baptisms to wedding celebrations and family reunions, these products make great gifts to mark and remember any occasion or simply design a unique memento for someone special.  Each product is handcrafted from start to finish right here in the Midwest, taking great care and attention to meet the needs of each client’s creative desires.  Whether you have an exact design in mind or would like some assistance from one of our seasoned engravers, truly our only limitation is the human imagination!




2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. What an awesome company – already a growing family legacy with unique and amazing gift ideas for any special occasion and personal memory! I am so pleased with the frames and set of coasters I ordered! The engraved gifts I ordered really touched my family and friends and,of course, were gifts they had never received from anyone else! Thanks again!

  2. We gave their coasters with pine trees and our wedding date etched on them to our guests at our wedding reception. Everyone loved them. So many people asked about them, we should have had this website in our program.

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Custom-engraved individually handcrafts coasters, magnets, picture frames, and more to preserve each and every memory.